At dawn, I’d write you a beautiful piece

Eulogizing your midnight love,

Touch and kiss

In such act,you’d bring me

Tranquillity and total peace
At dawn,my mind would hike at least a mile

To bring back memories

That would make us both smile

In such act, I’d completely be bound

But then,in your love I’d certainly be found
At dawn,I’d paint your sky pink

All the way with smiles and a pen,

Filled with pure love’s only ink

In such act,I’d wipe your clouded eyes

Making them clear and crystal as ice
At dawn,I’d whisper these words in your ears:

By loving you,I have conquered my own fear

And without you,I wouldn’t be here.
~Alex Challson (Alexis Voltaire)

*At Dawn

(c) March,2017 All Rights Reserved
FYI: The world today celebrates “Poetry” and its makers (Poets), and in this light; I use this medium to wish all poets and those who believe in the power of words all over the world a “Happy World Poetry Day”​ . For this reason, I share with you one of my archived piece titled ” at dawn”, enjoy it!​


Thrown by passion to live behind bars 

And this microphone is all he truly has,

A symbol of his new found freedom

For all; his realest,powerful tool for healing ’em;

With punch lines from his wisdom like fire,

Encapsulated in a baseline to cure the soul

… walk it through cloud nine or even higher

To a realm of introspection that makes whole

His, and others’ sense of being –

A satisfaction for lending humanity his mind,

’cause freedom means freeing-

Freeing from chains with an art that can bind

The universe in this “new found freedom”

~Alex Challson (Alexis Voltaire)

*New Found Freedom

(c) March, 2017. All Rights Reserved


Poetry! What else do I need?

But that on which my soul can feed:

Savouring such desire to find gratification,

With my five senses nodding in ratification.
Poetry! Where can I hide?

But in the arms of serenity, in all tide:

Chasing dreams that I always sought,

Mind over matter;in such I’m self taught.
Poetry! How do I live?

But stretch my hand to give:

Sharing that which lies deep within,

With thought then word, I often begin
Poetry! My whole heart will forever crave,

And in “poetics” I’ll stand,till I rest in my grave;

Until then,my mind and hands will toil

Till the day I find peace beneath the soil.
Poetry! Therein,I’ve been made whole;

With a creative mind and a good soul,

To dwell in its beauty to the very end;

And my broken heart,with time it’ll mend.
~Alex Challson (Alexis Voltaire)


(c) March 2017, All Rights Reserved.


Home! A place or just a feeling, 

Not lost; but sometimes I wonder

If a home is often so appealing

Like the beautiful painting yonder.

The sky is dark,still and naked; 

In its arms lies the incandescent

Moon,stars;beautifully created-

A perfect home so iridescent

Home! A place or just a feeling, 

…Not numb, ’cause in my heart

I’ve got a real home,so appealing

Where hate can’t tear love apart.

~Alex Challson (Alexis Voltaire)

(c) March,2017


Human actions have ruined so much of what life’s meant to be…visualise for a minute, the possibility of a world at a total state of peace without any form of chaos emanating from our individual or collective actions as human beings. I believe what we all crave is a world replete with love, peace and lasting unity. Growing up as a child, I found myself in a tension filled community where kids were denied the rights of co existence, simply because they happen to be from the other side of the divide, which was ( and still is) mostly based on religious and ethnic backgrounds. Eventually, these tension grew into full blown skirmishes which left an indelible mark of pain on the minds of the people.

The major world leaders and state actors too, have had their roles to play and are still doing just that with regards to the decisions they take on a daily bases; some of which appear to be positive and others negative…and certainly, these are the determinant factors in the interdependence of nations of the world. In recent times, I’ve seen diplomatic ties broken for even silly reasons and negative effects emanating therefrom. At the moment, I wonder if the world is making any headway in finding solutions to some of the world’s known conflicts with roots in history or if such conflicts are only deepening. By this, I’m making reference to such places as Syria, Afghanistan, Palestine/Israel, South Sudan, Yemen,Somalia, North East Nigeria among others. A study into these conflicts reveals that the conflicts are practically and largely centred on claims for territories and on the other hand the desire for the imposition of mostly religious or political ideologies on class or group of people. However, the simple question here is: are all these conflicts bourn out of the desire to make good the conditions of humanity or rather just to gratify such things as greed, thirst for power and total hate for each other? A critical look at these disorder which are of course the creation of man only leaves an open mind with a conclusion which comfirms the vanity of such actions.

Our actions as they are towards the world today, needs a general overhaul, if at all we crave the need to have and enjoy life in the manner it was fashioned to be; the one and only point we all embrace and agree upon is the fact that there’s a reason behind our “being here” at this material time. Yes, the world and all the systems therein are bad and disfunctional,but who’s going to fix all that? Infact,”That the heavens are falling today isn’t an individual problem” but a collective problem which affects everyone. So, in essence; fixing the world today isn’t such a difficult feat to achieve if everyone gets to accept that the much needed change begins with their positive and sincere input (no matter how little) towards making the world a better place.
A refusal to take a step in the right direction only makes the world even worst a place for us and the generations yet unborn…and that’s how the world got ruined by our action (and inaction).


Lately, I’ve been caught up in series of wondering (and sincerely, not that I’m lost) but the recurring nature of such thought, obviously suppressed the rave-filled ambience of the spot I sat; idly wondering…not even the hard metal rock from the high-tech speakers altered the chain of such thoughts.I sat there, wondering how everyone at the spot was wrapped in their own personal experience of the moment, although a fact exists also of the general experience they share about such moment at that material time. Then, I sought to understand something,as I  take a glance of all the faces around; then I thought of the large room as a melting pot realising how every person in the room represent a different ideas,cultures, etc. Then one thing quickly came to mind, and that was belief. Amid such experience, I realised there’s a place for belief which appears to be different. 

Belief, is something that people experience at different levels; and whatever the reason might have been, for someone to hold on to their belief (whatever that may be) largely depends on their own personal experience which others entirely lack. In other words, our personal experience lies within our subconscious minds and which is, of course connected or tied to our belief. So, the general experience which we may have in common practically have nothing to do with our personal experience…and then our belief,too. It is totally amazing how our minds are structured towards performing multiple tasks…simultaneously!


Searching hard through the maze to find 

True love,but it’s on the verge of extinction.

So perplexing it is to entirely define;

Love,its mockery, spot any distinction?
True love:
It’s not like cash or precious stones

Easily found,it’s like dinosaurs or dragons,

True love we seek,but no one owns;

Has it gone with time in rusty wagons?
True love:
With all intensity like fire, it burns

Such emotions, at first, we display

With energies depleted,the heart learns

And true love,forever a cliché?
-Alex Challson (Alexis Voltaire)

(c) 2017


Dreams in the labyrinth of life lost 

As hope, so tall as tower of Babel

Unable to hug the azure perfect sky

With its vocal chords amidst

An eerie silence,so loud but missing

Dream in befuddled state crawl hissing.
Life’s such a great distance,that most

Often hope hardly travels through;

While dreams like old dying bodies-

Pale and jaded,on sea shores left

By daily waves of despair so intense;

Calling the shots at futures’ expense
Like an apparel,big dreams worn by all

With specs of hope to see tomorrow;

All adorned,but others with myopia-

A few with eagle eyes…the reason

Life itself is like a dual faced mirror

Before which choices are made clearer.
-Alex Challson (Alexis Voltaire)

(c) 10/’16


Dear Debbie, my beautiful lavender rose,

Engrossed, I so deeply in your love

And it’s aura which my heart chose;

Realising your tranquillity is like a dove’s
Dream of us tonight, you said; last night…

Endearing my heart from its numbness,

Back to where love could only feel right,

Being with you is a depiction of oneness

In love, thought, spirit, body and soul…

Embedded in our existence as a whole
My heart craves nothing more, but you,

Your heart…the love that dwells in it too
Let go of doubts, take a moment and love,

Open up the locks to your beautiful heart

Venting feelings you once sought to shove.

Eagerly,I await the day our story would start
~Alex Challson (Alexis Voltaire)

(c) 12/16


Beneath the smiley moon,

In the nakedness and

Freshness of the caressing air;

You and I in each other’s

Cosy embrace buried…

Let’s play the hatchlings by

Breaking out of our shells,

To be realists for the night

And true lovers forever…

Let’s break out.

Lead me to find you, behind

Each smile and grin you flash,

Take me through the inner

Corners of your beautiful

Mind and show me places I’ve

Never known…every ugly

Scar that make obvious

The flaws in your beauty;

My greatest yearning ever…

Let’s break out.

Like the naked rainbow in

The sky,let me reveal my

Colours to your senses, and

Myself ,subject to your own


Don’t be shy to say which of

My colours is your worse or

Favourite,as we all are guilty

Of one thing when colours are

Spoken of…Let’s break out.

At the table of love, I say…

Let’s get naked and feast on

Truth for tomorrow’s sake;

Bitter and awful it may taste

We savour the desserts

Arm in arm;relax on a hammock

In the beach ,to enjoy the

Reminiscence of our journey;

My yearning…let’s break out.

Better halves to ourselves we

Can be forever,you and I in

Each other’s psyche locked;

And together we can let love,

Truth and sincerity lead us

Both down the aisle and back as

One, bound to each other

with these tiny nuptial bands

On our fingers.

Beneath this smiley moon,

My only wish…let’s break out.

-Alex Challson

(c) 10/2016