STATUS BLIND(A Tradional Pie Poem)

Lying in state,Alone.

Death is status blind.


The mind has seen humanity’s plain nature,naked

For this, all men became equal.
~Alexis Voltaire

*Status Blind

(c) May, 2017 All Rights Reserved
FYI: A traditional PI poem is a 6 line poetry form based on

PI=3.14286. Each line represents the number of words

used from the PI number.


Buried in his self made perfection 

Just to  resurrect their imperfection,

With a mud sling gentle-harsh tap;

For being a bloody alarm,here’s a clap

His black market of refined eloquence

Where they each bought their innocence,

Was the same spot he had them buried…

But this false theology got the wise worried
~Alexis Voltaire

*False Theology

(c) April 2017 All Rights Reserved


His burden, he left on the black rope

And in five minutes, he’s all gone;

In his pocket,is a note under his robe

This is “hi[s] story”,told;it’s all done.
~Alex Challson (Alexis Voltaire)

*Hi[s] Story

(c) April ’17 All Rights Reserved


The human mind has journeyed a great distance, going back and forth in search of answers to “three life’s hardest/puzzling  questions” which of course can only be put forth by an individual in a deep and right state of mind…now FYI, these questions are actually the construct of your mind ’cause they never existed in the first place,but now that they do;remember this: there are different questions for different minds. Did I hear you say “what are those three life’s puzzling questions?” if your answer is yes, then your mind never had the opportunity of “breathing” the air outside its confines. 


Why the cheap liquor,
When I can forever be
Your high?
My mind is the rung,
Just climb and have a
Feel of my sky.

~Alexander Challson (Alexis Voltaire)
*Your High
(c) March,2017 All Rights Reserved


She just got shot by a wild thought

In the dark, eerie corners of her mind,

Where silent screams,she had fought;

And lost what she considered her rind.

A beauty lost in a stormy cup of coffee;

Her mind troubled, and heart, so cold.

She recall every scare on her cute body,

And each with a story she’d never told
She was all quiet , like one counting

With the ten tiny fingers in their brain,

…struggled to keep afloat her drowning

Mind ,in a raging sea of worries and pain;

Regretting her wild desire to swim

In his turbulent sea of love and lust,

Which now to her was just but an ill whim,

For which she gave her heart and trust
Daily,her heart and a rib he broke,

Shoving all promises he ever made

And their vows to him is now but a joke;

But day and night for him she prayed:

“Lord! Bless my man and keep my home

A bit of “summer” in my life is all I ask,

A sign to make me say his heart I own;

Like back in Rome,when in sun we bask”
In time past, she had the keys to the doors

Which leads to the depth of his soul,

She’d always say; “I’ll forever be yours”

’cause his happiness was truly her goal

And her home was all she longed to keep,

She knew it’s hard to tame a jealous man

Who’d frown when her phone gets a beep

From a man,’cause on that he placed a ban
He expects her to always be an angel

So,she struggled to attain perfection;

…make him happy, but she’s going mental

Yet she couldn’t afford lose his affection

Daily, she’s battered, abused and misused

But she stayed true to her nuptial vows

She’d been to hell,but yet; in patience infused

Even when she’s told your man’s playing fowl
She always believed in love…and in karma

So, even in pain, she loved and cared sincerely

’cause that’s one thing that’ll always calm her

…make her love the man who hurts her, so dearly

Now good old memories floods her mind

From their first date, yes he loved her first

And she thought to herself, “this man is kind”

But time flies, and now; he’s no longer hers
Now she wondered in freedom about her past

Knowing he lost his to karma from his past,

At first, forever she thought their love would last;

But she realised nothing was ever meant to last.

~Alex Challson (Alexis Voltaire)

*Battered Beauty

(c) March,2017 All Rights Reserved


At dawn, I’d write you a beautiful piece

Eulogizing your midnight love,

Touch and kiss

In such act,you’d bring me

Tranquillity and total peace
At dawn,my mind would hike at least a mile

To bring back memories

That would make us both smile

In such act, I’d completely be bound

But then,in your love I’d certainly be found
At dawn,I’d paint your sky pink

All the way with smiles and a pen,

Filled with pure love’s only ink

In such act,I’d wipe your clouded eyes

Making them clear and crystal as ice
At dawn,I’d whisper these words in your ears:

By loving you,I have conquered my own fear

And without you,I wouldn’t be here.
~Alex Challson (Alexis Voltaire)

*At Dawn

(c) March,2017 All Rights Reserved
FYI: The world today celebrates “Poetry” and its makers (Poets), and in this light; I use this medium to wish all poets and those who believe in the power of words all over the world a “Happy World Poetry Day”​ . For this reason, I share with you one of my archived piece titled ” at dawn”, enjoy it!​


Thrown by passion to live behind bars 

And this microphone is all he truly has,

A symbol of his new found freedom

For all; his realest,powerful tool for healing ’em;

With punch lines from his wisdom like fire,

Encapsulated in a baseline to cure the soul

… walk it through cloud nine or even higher

To a realm of introspection that makes whole

His, and others’ sense of being –

A satisfaction for lending humanity his mind,

’cause freedom means freeing-

Freeing from chains with an art that can bind

The universe in this “new found freedom”

~Alex Challson (Alexis Voltaire)

*New Found Freedom

(c) March, 2017. All Rights Reserved


Poetry! What else do I need?

But that on which my soul can feed:

Savouring such desire to find gratification,

With my five senses nodding in ratification.
Poetry! Where can I hide?

But in the arms of serenity, in all tide:

Chasing dreams that I always sought,

Mind over matter;in such I’m self taught.
Poetry! How do I live?

But stretch my hand to give:

Sharing that which lies deep within,

With thought then word, I often begin
Poetry! My whole heart will forever crave,

And in “poetics” I’ll stand,till I rest in my grave;

Until then,my mind and hands will toil

Till the day I find peace beneath the soil.
Poetry! Therein,I’ve been made whole;

With a creative mind and a good soul,

To dwell in its beauty to the very end;

And my broken heart,with time it’ll mend.
~Alex Challson (Alexis Voltaire)


(c) March 2017, All Rights Reserved.

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